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Do you wanna build a snowman?   4 comments

Icky, yucky, wet and heavy snow snow snow! We’ve been having awful wintry weather in the last two weeks but last night was the worst. We have SNOW! Lots and lots of SNOW! Not the light, fluffy stuff like last week, but wet and heavy, snowman-building snow. Miss D is not thrilled with it, but it hasn’t stopped her from running the fence line. Mommy is less sanguine about it. We are writing this post on Thursday, February 26. While the office is officially closed, so is everything else. Power is not down (yet) but cable and Internet are. So by the time this post is up, the worst will be passed. 

Mostly Mommy is wallowing in self pity because today was the day her braces were coming off. She hadn’t let herself hope for the 26 months she’s had them, but once the orthodontist picked the day, she has been counting down. Then… SNOWMAGEDDON!! With less than 24 hours to go, the dreaded call came—postponed!

So now the count down is less than 24 hours + 4 days! 😢 stupid snow. Well, at least it’s pretty.

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Silent Sunday   2 comments

Merry Christmas


Winter Weather Blues   3 comments

Hello and Happy Friday All!

aren't I adorable?

aren’t I adorable?

Miss D has been feeling blah lately and too tired to write. Mommy said it’s the winter weather blues because of all the snow and sleet and ice and freezing rain and regular rain and just plain cold days we’ve had this year. But last weekend, granpaw compared Miss D to a pot-bellied pig (!)

So mommy thought it might be more and we went to see Vet. Miss D was poked and prodded and palpated and every other indignity known to dogdom! And after all that prodding, the tests were inconclusive. Humph.

Apparently, my behavior belies my appearance, which contradicts the blood chemistry panels. And the abdominal ultrasound contradicts everything!

Vet believes Miss D might have Cushing’s disease, which is when my little body produces too much cortisol. The first symptom: pot belly! And we schnauzers are prone to this disease, especially older girls like me.

But all the lab results disagree with this diagnosis so we’ll probably do one more test next week to definitively rule it out. We’re still waiting on results from a couple tests and Mommy believes Miss D probably has an antibiotic-resistant infection of some sort. Possibly in addition to the Cushing’s.

Meanwhile, I’m getting extra loving and yogurt treats to help settle my tummy. yay 🙂

Snow Day… Take Two   4 comments

Miss D keeps playing the “Indoor-Outdoor” game. As if by magic all that icky, slippery white stuff would be gone this time.


Yesterday, Miss D was unhappy because she had to slog through the cold, wet snow. Today, after nearly 1/4″ of ice, she slips and skates across the top. Very unhappy, Miss D!

Mommy tried to stomp out a path and large area for Miss D to do her business, but Miss D ignored it and skated out on her own. Determined little dog! She keeps trying to run up and over the hillock, because the other side is where she likes to go. But she keeps slipping on the ice and landing on her bum. Poor Miss D.

Luckily the weather will take a sunnier and warmer turn tomorrow. We’re both ready for that!

Wordless Wednesday   3 comments



3 inches snow, topped with 0.5 inch sleet.

3 inches snow, topped with 0.5 inch sleet.

I dont wanna go. I hold it til this white stuff gone

I dont wanna go. I hold it til this white stuff gone

Snow Day!   4 comments

It’s snowing! Yesterday, it was 65º F, today it’s snowing, and tomorrow the temperature isn’t supposed to get above freezing. Mommy says the snow won’t stick, but the roads will be icy and slick. Weird weather? Yes. But I’m not complaining, because it means mommy is staying home! She’ll be typing away on that stupid computer all day, but she’ll be home with me. Yay!

and thanks to a random act of generosity, my foster mommy is going to become my furever mommy. A total stranger wanted to see me stay in a good home so he donated money to the rescue group to pay my adoption fees. isn’t that neat?

So… mommy home with me ALL DAY, SNOW, and Official Fureverdom! it’s been a monumental kind of day


Brrrrrrrr!   2 comments

Greetings, all!

Like efurryone in the US and Canada, we are suffering through very cold temperatures right now. Mommy has set practically every faucet in the house on a trickle after coming home to discover the kitchen pipes not quite frozen, but darn close. It didn’t take long to defrost them and apparently no harm done, but a disaster averted nonetheless! Still, quite a concession from the woman who wakes up from a sound sleep whenever she hears water dripping. Gonna have to wear earplugs if she wants to sleep tonight!

Miss D is so cold, she’s shivering as she leans into Mommy, cuddling on the couch. Mommy heard no complaints as she slid the UNC sweater over Miss D’s head and gave her hips an extra long rub down. Needless to say, neither of us is interested in patrolling the neighborhood tonight.

The electric company has asked customers to conserve energy for the next 24 hours, such as turning the thermostat down a couple of degrees, especially overnight. Meanwhile the water company has warned customers about freezing pipes and suggests we turn the thermostat up a couple of degrees and leave it at that constant temperature even overnight. WTF!!!

So we’re leaving the thermostat alone, and set a fire burning in the fireplace. We’ve turned off and unplugged as many appliances as we can, leaving only the TV and a  candle or two for light (and the Christmas tree, b/c Mommy was feeling too lazy to take it down after Twelfth Night).


Winter Blues   5 comments

We had a spat of some nasty winter weather here in North Carolina this weekend. Sleet, snow, and freezing rain. Our whole world was covered in slick and slippery ice. We went for one very short walk, which neither of us thought was very fun. It seemed to take forever for it all to melt away. Miss D was sooooooo bored.

IMG_0001 IMG_0003

Can anyone look more pathetic?

‘Tis the Season…   8 comments

…for bringing the outdoors in! Miss D got a haircut today and is looking spiffy in her new pink and white checked bandana. She’s exploring the Christmas tree and I can imagine what she’s thinking, “Mom brought a tree inside! A tree of my very own! But she put a blanket under it, so I guess I’m not supposed to pee on it. Maybe I can sleep under it instead!”


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