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The Bug   3 comments

Today’s WTF moment brought to you by… the Bug.

When I first posted this video to Facebook in 2014, I included this caption “This bug is the most fun, if Deita would just put it down! (And yes, my house is a mess. Have you met Miss D?)”

Miss D loved her treat toys. Well, okay, Miss D loved food. Period. But early on she learned that if she picked the toys up and shook them, she’d get more treats faster than if she rolled the toys along the floor as designed.

This time, however, I distracted her mid-snack with this tiny remote-controlled bug. Her reaction was above and beyond my expectations, though. It started us down the path of searching for appropriately sized remote-control toys: bugs, mice, trucks, cars.

Remote-controlled dog toys were total and complete failures. Have you ever noticed that dog toys are all centered around “fetch” and “chew” and “tug”? And all remote-controlled dog toys are balls. Miss D simply stared at these, as if asking, “WTF am I supposed to do with this?”

But cat toys? Cat toys are the BEST! They center around “hunt” which was Miss D’s favorite game. Sadly, cat toys are made for cats, who hunt by stalking and pouncing. Miss D hunts by stalking, yes. But she also chases, picks things up in her mouth, shakes them, and tosses them across the room. Cat toys are simply not made for this type of play.

The first generation of “the bug” latest two days. We had so much fun, Mommy bought a second generation, which lasted about two minutes. This was going to get expensive.

So we started looking at kids toys. After all, remote-controlled cars are made for little boys who can be even more destructive in their play than dogs. Unfortunately, most remote-controlled cars and trucks are simply too big. Miss D would stalk and chase the one small truck Mommy bought, but she couldn’t pick it up in her mouth the way she wanted to. So truck hunting was almost more frustrating than it was fun. In the end, she figured out a way to pick it up by the wheels. Bye bye truck!

Mommy then found a bigger toy car. It was fun to chase about the room at first, but it was too big and Miss D lost interest quickly. So we went back to cat toys.

The third generation of the bug was actually a “mouse”. It was bigger than the bug and had a little tail with a feather (well, it is a cat toy after all) and lasted about two weeks. The fourth generation was nearly identical to the third and lasted about four months. The secret was that Miss D would pick this one up by the tail to toss it across the room, so the body didn’t get crushed between her jaws like the others. Although, it was nearing the end of its life recently too. The last couple times we brought it out, it could only move forward in circles, and even that was jerky.

Still, if anyone from the cat toy company is watching, we sure would love a doggie version of this bug. One with a body a little more indestructible!

Apologies for the video quality. I shot this with my iPad, but I’m no Scorsese. At 1:31, I finally catch up to Miss D and remotely activated the wheels, which generates the reaction you see.


How to eat a Blueberry   3 comments

Mommy’s favorite video of Miss D for all time: how to eat a Blueberry by Miss Deita.

Step 1. Circle the Blueberry, being wary of its propensity to jump out and attack you when you least expect it. Circle that Blueberry several times, but don’t let it know you’re interested. Act nonchalant. You want to catch it unawares.

Step 2. draw the Blueberry close. Watch out! Don’t let it escape!

Step 3. Shake that Blueberry for all you’re worth. Kill that sucker!

Step 4. Enjoy!

Deita’s new boots   3 comments

Found this old video of Miss D trying out her new boots. She always had trouble negotiating the hardwood floors, but these booties helped quite a bit.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh……   6 comments


Enjoying the afterglow from my acupuncture treatment

Enjoying the afterglow from my acupuncture treatment

Fighting for control   1 comment

Today’s WTF moment provided by… Well a picture’s worth a thousand words.


Fine, Miss D, we’ll watch “Bad Dogs”. But I get to pick the next show!

Had to share this one. Too cute. Hand to Dog, I found her sleeping like this, remote control and all. My little couch potato.

It’s been a week full of ups and downs.

The Ups: Tonight’s neighborhood patrol went very well. A nice, lovely, calm walk, sitting down to greet walkers and cyclists passing by, crossing the street and sitting down to watch the other dogs passing by (barking, but not going super crazy). Well done. Mom is pleased!

Yesterday, we ran into our neighbor, Heather, with all three scotties in tow. There was some mutual posturing on both sides, but she calmed down quickly and on several occasions, did actually sit down to calm herself… or maybe just to catch her breath before lunging forward again. Still, the humans mark this meeting as a success. After all, all four dogs were meeting and they all were face to face on the sidewalk, not across the street or behind fences.

The Downs: Miss D nearly bit the ankle of one jogger who caught us off-guard. Luckily I was able to get a tighter grip on her leash and hold her back. I apologized, saying “We’re in training.”

He laughed it off, saying he has two yorkies at home then wished me luck. Took awhile to calm her down from that one. She also scared at least two toddlers this week.

It’s unfortunate. Parents like to point things out on their walks, “Look, there’s a birdie. And a squirrel. And a doggie. Do you see the doggie?”

Then the kid perks up, “Doggie??”

Then Miss D puts on her ugliest “Be Afraid!” face. Then the kid starts to cry and the parent gives me the stank eye. Hey, I’m not the one pointing out the “doggie”. I’m just trying to calmly let you pass unnoticed (wishful thinking). I’d say it’s the strollers that freak out Miss D, but she does this with older children too. That’s why we’re training, right?

Spoiled Rotten   1 comment

Spoiled Rotten

Miss D, what do you think about March Madness?

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