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Long sleeves weather   2 comments

Brrrrrrr! It’s another Polar Vortex! Our nightly patrol last night was cold! Good thing Mommy ordered her Love Rescued Me long-sleeve t-shirt. Looks like she’s gonna need it!


We want YOU to be rescued by love! Get a cool Love Rescued Me t-shirt, $10 will be donated to dog rescue, and you will love a rescue at the same time here:

Please pass this along to any friends or family members that are dog lovers who may also want to help!

This campaign is only running for a limited time, so order 1 or 2 or 3 shirts TODAY!!!
There are short sleeved, long sleeved, men’s, women’s, and junior/princess sizes available!

$10 can go a LONG way for a rescued dog, and can help fund:
* a month’s worth of heartworm protection
* needed vaccines like rabies & distemper
* spaying or neutering
* dental care
* medications for special needs rescues

NCSR is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer rescue group.
Together, even more dogs can be rescued by love!!!

Happy Foster-versary!   5 comments

Two years ago, today, Miss Deita entered my life and nothing’s been the same since! We’ve both made some big strides since that day, but I am especially proud of Miss D’s behavior changes on leashed walks and in the backyard.

She easily ignores the crazy barking dogs behind fences on our walks now. Two years ago, she’d rush the fence and bark right back.

In the yard, she’d also rush the fence and bark her head off and completely ignore my efforts at training or getting her attention. I’d have to catch her by the collar and drag her away. She still enjoys running the fence and barking her head off, but now I can stand at the door, out of sight, clap my hands, yell “Deita, Come!” and she does!

When we invited guests over, she’d growl and bark and cower practically non-stop. After everyone settled into chairs, she’d eventually settle down, but would immediately growl and bark again if anybody stood up. It was as if, as long as no one moved, she forgot they were here!

Now, she still makes a big fuss when people arrive, but once settled down, she’s settled down. My friends are free to move about the room, stand up, enter other rooms freely, and even leave without causing our eardrums to bleed from the noise of Miss D’s barks.

When she first arrived, she was a food hound! She’d start eating out of the bowl before it hit the ground. But she’s a fast learner. The first thing we worked on in training was to sit and wait for the food bowl to be set down and for mom to say “OK” before rushing and inhaling our meals. Now food might sit in the bowl all day, ignored until Miss D is hungry.

We’d had plenty of WTF moments together, but it is all worth it. Happy Foster-versary, Miss D!

Miss D? What are you eating? Hey! That’s my grocery list! Get back here! Miss Deeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Checkers   4 comments

Miss D is curled up and sleeping and as I watch I am reminded of the differences and the similarities between her and my precious Checkers. Like Miss D, Checkers was a miniature schnauzer and had the large personality for which the breed is known. Independent, playful, and intelligent, Checkers also was difficult to train. But she had some unique tricks of her own; like rolling down the car windows when she wanted to feel the wind in her face or the way she walked along the back of the sofa like a cat to reach her favorite sleeping place.

Checkers also had medical issues. I adopted her through rescue when she was 6 years old. She had a heart murmur and due to a car accident when she was younger, she had no back right hip joint. The femoral head had been removed. Like Miss D, that didn’t stop her. She was very active. Checkers and I would walk 3 miles every day, 5 miles on the weekend.

Checkers loved people. She was an excellent rescue ambassador, gently approaching children and adults alike, indiscriminately giving out kisses and glad to take a treat out of the littlest hands. Miss D also loves people, but it takes time to gain her trust. Both dogs were slow to trust me, but once accepted, the bonds are strong.

I had 7 wonderful years with Checkers before she passed away at the ripe old age of 13. She was spunky, playful, and silly right to the end. She was an angel on earth sent to remind us of what it means to love unconditionally and without judgment.

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