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Happy Furever Day!   2 comments

Four years ago, today, Miss D and Mommy met for the first time. Life has never been the same since. Happy furever day!

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Pet Doors   4 comments

Today’s WTF moment brought to you by… Pet doors.

As many of you know, Mommy spent quite a lot of money this past summer to install a pet door for Miss D. Here’s the thing: Miss D won’t use it to go outside, only inside.

That is, she’s quite willing (finally) to come in from the cold with no prompting from me, but refuses to go outside without my first “opening the door”. Instead she takes her usual position, sitting by the (open) door waiting for me.

See, first she was too afraid to go near it. Frankly it was simply too high. Luckily, I have a doggy ramp for just such a situation. And it fits perfectly.

But as you know, Miss D is afraid of New Things. And this ramp is definitely a New Thing. Plus I think the nonskid surface freaks her out. Anyway… Fail.

Then Miss D’s granpawents suggested we overlay a kitchen mat on top of the ramp, to negate the nonskid surface.

Ok, that works. Then of course, with the new hardwood floor, we added a runway on the inside, so she doesn’t land flat on her face when she climbs through.


Success! Sort of. I’ve tried to explain to Miss D on numerous occasions that the “door” is, in fact, a “flap” that can be pushed with the nose from either side, but to no avail. I’ve thrown favorite treats through the flap which she eagerly follows outside (then spends the next few minutes searching ALL OVER for said treat, while I stand by the window willing her to LOOK DOWN as the treat is inevitably between her legs). Yet, Miss D refuses to go through the flap otherwise. I must hold the flap open while she climbs through.



Mommy ordered hers!   4 comments

love rescued me...#6

T-shirts available for a limited time! Don’t I look adorable? Mommy says it’s an artist’s rendition and is not based on me, but I think she’s just saying that so she doesn’t have to share the royalties with me.

For 10 days only, starting November 10th, get your t-shirt, $10 will be donated, and you will love a rescue at the same time here

$10 can go a LONG way for a rescued dog, and can help fund:
 * a month’s worth of heartworm protection
 * needed vaccines like rabies & distemper
 * spaying or neutering
 * dental care
 * medications for special needs rescues

North Carolina Schnauzer Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer rescue group.

Together, even more dogs can be rescued by love!!!

Ahhhhhhh   2 comments

The evenings have been so pleasant lately that Miss D and I have been taking somewhat longer walks of late. When we get home, Miss D’s tongue is lolling out the side of her mouth in an exhausted, hot, ever-so-happy doggie grin. I head to the bedroom to change out of my sweaty dog-walking clothes and put on my lounge-about-the-house clothes. From the other room I hear water being lapped, the jingling of tags and tappity-tap-slide as Miss D circles the room just a tad too quickly and loses her footing on the new hardwood floors. Then I hear a “kerplump!” And I know she’s found the most perfect spot to stretch out her legs and cool off.


On another topic, Miss D has a new water bowl. If only she weren’t terrified to drink from it. I see a new WTF moment in the offing…

Happy Solstice   4 comments

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday as much as I am! I’m posted here by the door to keep an eye on the squirrels. Aren’t I a good guard dog?



Morning update   8 comments

Miss D here. Mommy gave me some yummy bread stuffed with pain meds and I’m feeling fine. Much less stressed.

It’s a sunny day and almost not chilly and the grass is drying out, so I’ve been playing indoor/outdoor. Mommy just loves that game 😉

And now I’m gonna nap for a bit. Suddenly I’m very sleepy. What was in that bread?


You can see my shaved belly where they did an ultrasound of things inside my tummy!

Wordless Wednesday   3 comments



3 inches snow, topped with 0.5 inch sleet.

3 inches snow, topped with 0.5 inch sleet.

I dont wanna go. I hold it til this white stuff gone

I dont wanna go. I hold it til this white stuff gone

Snow Day!   4 comments

It’s snowing! Yesterday, it was 65º F, today it’s snowing, and tomorrow the temperature isn’t supposed to get above freezing. Mommy says the snow won’t stick, but the roads will be icy and slick. Weird weather? Yes. But I’m not complaining, because it means mommy is staying home! She’ll be typing away on that stupid computer all day, but she’ll be home with me. Yay!

and thanks to a random act of generosity, my foster mommy is going to become my furever mommy. A total stranger wanted to see me stay in a good home so he donated money to the rescue group to pay my adoption fees. isn’t that neat?

So… mommy home with me ALL DAY, SNOW, and Official Fureverdom! it’s been a monumental kind of day


Baby Steps   4 comments

Miss D has made some great strides in the past few weeks. We no longer cross the street when other dogs cross our path. Mostly. We still cross when the man with his four pit bulls comes, but that’s mostly because Mommy is terrified of them.

For those who have been with us since the beginning, you know what a struggle we’ve had with our leash training. Staying on the same side of the street is a milestone I never thought we’d see. Maybe Miss D has finally started to mellow at the ripe ol’ age of 11.

She’s still crazy. If you crossed our path in the hopes of starting up a conversation with Mommy or striking an instant friendship with D, you’d be sorely disappointed. But she’s not wild-ass crazy and if both parties continue on our different ways, Miss D quickly calms down and finds something else about which to obsess.

So we’re not there yet. But we’re getting there. Baby steps.

Rainy Day Blues   3 comments

no walkies tonight 😦 loud thunder shaking the windows and we lost electricity a couple of times.

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