Pet Insurance is Totally Worth it   5 comments

Recently Selena went in to the vet dentist for a dental cleaning. They wound up extracting 5 teeth, including 1 upper canine that had been broken. Poor baby suffered terribly afterwards as Mommy had to take away all her toys for 2 weeks while the stitches healed. See how miserable she is without her toys…



Selena is doing much better, but Mommy’s wallet was not. Ouch. With little hope, we filed our claim with Selena’s pet insurance. They spelled out quite clearly that dental cleanings aren’t covered, so we were prepared to pinch pennies to pay down the debt.

Yesterday, the claim EOB and a check arrived in the mail. They covered 67% of the costs! About 90% of costs were actually covered, when you factor in the deductible. The cleaning itself wasn’t covered (~$180), but the anesthesia, x-rays, pain killers, primary diagnosis (~$300) and 5 teeth extractions (~$660) were.  It’s a miracle!

Now Rocky has been diagnosed with a new heart murmur and we will soon have to send him to the cardiologist, just like Selena, to get that baseline screening and clean bill of health before his dental cleaning. I know the cardiologist visits are covered, after deductible.

And now I know that any future teeth extractions will be covered as well. Such a relief! Today’s reimbursement made all the premium payments worth while.

So I say to you, if you have pets, the sooner you find them pet insurance, the better. I couldn’t get Checkers coverage because she was too old when I tried to sign up. But Miss Deita had insurance, which helped us when her Cushing’s diagnosis came in. And while Rocky’s allergies and subsequent skin issues are considered pre-existing conditions, Selena’s heart murmur and now Rocky’s heart murmur are not.

Money will not be as big a factor in determining whether or when we visit the vet. I wish everyone had such peace of mind when it comes to health care.


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Boxing Day   5 comments

Rocky is at doggie day camp. After some confusion, the camp van came to pick him up. Rocky was so excited and per usual, Selena acted upset. But also per usual, the moment I closed the door, she’s relishing having Mommy all to herself.

I almost hate to disturb her but my phone battery is dying, my legs are asleep and my coffee is cold, so this little idyllic scene is nearly at an end.

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Snuggle fest   3 comments

it looks like Selena wants to snuggle with Mommy, right? Nope.

She’s ticked that Mommy is using “her” pillow.

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The Grinch   11 comments

We went to our friendly neighborhood vet to get our pictures with Santa this weekend. But SURPRISE!

The Grinch has taken over the photo shoot! Still pretty darn cute don’t you agree?

Happy Holiday Season from The two cutest Schnauzers ever !

Posted November 19, 2018 by iloveschnauzers in A day in the life

Yoga with dogs   1 comment

Mommy here: this is why I will never go to a “yoga with goats” class. What’s the point? I get it at home for free.

Posted November 16, 2018 by iloveschnauzers in A day in the life

Election Night Anxiety   4 comments

election night is anxiety ridden. Even the dogs feel the energy.

They’re sitting on a chair.


And no one is fighting.

I’m freaked out y’all!

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Chillin’   5 comments

Rocky chillin’ at the drive thru

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Hurricane Florence   14 comments

For our friends in the blogosphere, we are safe. Forecasts differ on the total rainfall to expect here in the Piedmont but they all say it won’t stop until Monday or Tuesday. We’re far from the coast who are getting battered by wind, rain, and devastating storm surge.

Today’s forecast calls for bursts of wind and rain, tornado watch and possible intermittent power outages. So we are stuck inside aroo-ing at the wind and driving Mommy crazy

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Happy Labor Day   3 comments

Happy Labor Day from Selena. She is making a point of doing no labor today in honor of the day and hopes you are able to do the same !

Posted September 3, 2018 by iloveschnauzers in A day in the life

Sleepy Saturday   2 comments

We missed posting for National Lazy Day—what can we say, we were being lazy 😇

Anyway, just another lazy day, dog pile and Mommy’s knitting.

Posted August 11, 2018 by iloveschnauzers in A day in the life

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