Thunder!   7 comments

Poor Rocky has the “thunder shivers”! We’re having a typical NC June with humid days leading to scattered thunderstorms across the the area. 

I don’t remember Rocky being afraid of thunder before. This seems to be a new behavior. I blame doggie day camp.

Rocky goes to camp twice a week. He’s such a social young boy who just wants to play with other dogs. Selena is not interested at all. So, camp is his outlet!

Rocky has learned excellent social etiquette from his fellow campers. Etiquette that translates to situations like joining Mommy at Bark in the Park game at Durham Bulls baseball. 

Bark in the Park! Mommy’s shirt reads, “DOGS because people suck”

And to Mommy and me dates to the local coffee cafe.

But going to camp twice a week also means he’s had to ride through thunderstorms at camp. They bring all the dogs inside, of course. I think he’s picked up on how his playmates react and has learned to fear thunder. 

Selena certainly doesn’t care. As poor Rocky shivers on my lap, Selena is zonked out at my side. Not worried one iota. 

Luckily, I held onto Checkers’ old Thundershirt! Deita couldn’t wear it because the compression hurt her back. But Rocky is wearing it now. I have it very loose since he has never worn it before. He’s still anxious (look at those ears, poor baby) but the shivering has stopped and his interest in what’s going on around him has picked up. Still glued to Mommy’s side though!

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Happy 5th blogiversary   9 comments

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since Mommy and Miss Deita started this blog! On the other hand, I can’t believe it’s only been 5 years!

We had so many successes with Miss Deita learning to trust and walk with Mommy on leash without trying to kill every living thing along the way. Miss Deita learned to accept new things like the Welcome mat…

Wipe your Paws

the doggie door…


and the water bowl…


we learned how to eat a blueberry


and finally found a toy that Deita absolutely loved to play with


Miss Deita was diagnosed with an aggressively malignant cancerous tumor that had wrapped itself around her elbow in early October 2015 when she was 12 years old. Only a short month later, on November 16, Mommy said good-bye to Miss Deita. It was really hard.

Then we met Selena and Rocky!


This last 18 months with these two rascals has kept Mommy busy!

But luckily, they sleep sometimes too


So Happy 5th Blogiversary! I’m sure we have plenty more fun memories to come!



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Selena is recovering from her dental cleaning as expected.   4 comments

* Can’t get comfortable
* craving cuddles with Mommy
* sadly drops squeaky toy then tries to make it squeak by pressing with her nose 🙁

but beef broth, beefy rice and chicken and pumpkin pill-pockets bring wags and licks and clean bowls!

Tomorrow will be better, sweet girl.

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Poor Selena   8 comments

Selena had a dental cleaning today. She had three teeth extracted. Two were small, one was impacted! She is not a happy camper tonight. 

But we’ve got beef broth, and chicken with rice, and lots of pain meds. 

Such a sad face!

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Wordless Wednesday    8 comments

Mommy’s leg is asleep but Rocky is exhausted after Doggie Day Camp. Wake up, little buddy!

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Christmas 2016   6 comments

This year, we took a long drive north and stayed in Williamsburg, VA for the holiday. Here we are, waiting in the hotel room, hoping Santa would find us.

And he did! Santa brought grain-free treats for Rocky and squeaky reindeer toys for Selena! Then the Momm took us for a ride to a park where we wandered and wandered and wandered. It was a glorious good park.  That’s when granpaw had the idea to go downtown and wander on rhea in street. They call it DoG street so Rocky thought there’d be lots of dogs, but apparently it’s an acronym for Duke of Glouchester. How disappointing.
Still there were plenty of people and a few dogs parading up and down the street. Rocky enjoyed it very much. Selena… Not so much. But we still had a few peaceful moments of good behavior, and Mommy took a picture to prove it.

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Santa!   11 comments

We finally got our Happy Gotcha Day pupcakes! And we got to meet Santa! What a day! Thanks @OliversCollarDogTreatBakery and Steve Rubin Photography!

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