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Lazy Saturday   3 comments

Well, Rocky is outside, lying in the grass enjoying the sunshine. I’d post a photo of him, but I can’t leave the breakfast table. “Why?” you ask. 

Because of where Selena prefers to sleep this Lazy Saturday. 


Bacon’s Show and Tell   1 comment


Hi everyone! This month for Bacon’s Show and Tell we are going to highlight the funniest gift we have been given and the story behind it.

So for show and tell, this is Mommy’s favorite blanket. It was a funny gift from a good friend. Someone who shares Mommy’s affinity for Disney animation. If you’re a fan of Disney, or have children who love Disney, you may recognize Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. “Agent P” is Mommy’s favorite character and this blanket makes me smile.

We put it on the recliner. First, to protect the upholstery from Rocky and Selena. Second, because Perry the Platypus stares out at me from the chair every day. Plus, it’s actually a very comfy, soft, plush blanket to curl up in.

Gives me the giggles when I look at it, even when I’m feeling down. And who doesn’t love that?


Results   3 comments

So… Good news. Vet thinks Rocky has an allergy too. She thinks it may be seasonal, because a lot of dogs are having allergy problems this time of year. Mommy thinks it could be seasonal AND a food allergy. Because she stopped giving Rocky his dry food on Sunday, and his rash was gone this afternoon. That’s before we saw Vet, too.

But, a Rocky also has dry skin which is adding to the itchyitis. So… Vet is going with a three prong attack.

1. Prescription “comfort” conditioner weekly, instead of shampoo for the dry skin.

2. Strong antihistamine long term and a smidgen of prednisone short term. To stop the acute attack and hold future attacks at bay.

3. Food. We’re going back to adding a fish oil supplement to his breakfast, and we’re switching to a limited-ingredient dog food with an exotic meat source. Rocky hasn’t had rabbit or bison or lamb so he can’t have an allergy against them yet. 

We’ll watch and see how it goes. Mommy, for one, is optimistic that Rocky will start to feel a whole lot better very soon. And Mommy can attest: once known, allergies can be controlled. A whole lot better prognosis than scabies or mange or mites or an infection or all those other unpleasant possibilities running through Mommy’s nightmares. Heck, maybe Rocky and Mommy can go get our allergy shots together. 🙂

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Misery   10 comments

Poor Rocky is miserable. And itchy. So Itchy. Mommy is beyond sad and frustrated by it. What can be causing it??? At first, we thought, “fleas.” Mommy thought she saw one on Selena. But they’re both on Frontline and last month vet gave them. Nexguard oral treatment too, just in case. Mommy thoroughly cleaned the house, their bedding, her bedding, blankets, pillows, toys, the works. Even the yard was treated with an extra dose. Still, Rocky itches.

Mommy gives him a bath weekly, with a gentle, soothing, oatmeal shampoo. He’s unhappy about it at the time, but it does provide some temporary relief. As does a dose of Benedryl with his food, and an anti-itch spray. Still, Rocky itches.

We’re calling vet tomorrow to rule out any and all infestation. Mommy’s fairly certain it’s got to be environmental or food-based, because Selena doesn’t itch. But Mommy isn’t Vet, and Vet can run tests to be sure. And hopefully provide longer lasting relief while we figure this out! 

Poor Rocky! Now Mommy is wondering about all the ingredients in his food and treats. I’ve still got some of Deita’s prescription canned food in the cupboard. I think we need to take everything we can out of his diet, start from the I/d diet and work our way out. See if it clears up. Right now Mommy has it in her head that maybe he’s allergic to brewer’s yeast. It’s in a lot of commercial dry food and treats. And Mommy remembers starting to give Rocky an allergy supplement awhile ago, but it seemed to make it worse so we stopped and it improved again. The first ingredient in that supplement was brewers yeast. It’s worth a shot right? And cutting out processed foods for the time being doesn’t hurt anything.

So that’s what we’ll do

1. Call Vet on Monday, get Rocky some relief, confirm it’s not an infestation or infection and get Vet’s buy-in on the allergy-free diet plan. 

2. Cut out all processed food and treats for a few weeks. Nothing with yeast or wheat. 

3. Salmon, chicken, potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, peas and carrots, simple ingredients only. Maybe Vet has a good recipe?

Cross your paws for Rocky. Let’s hope and pray Mommy figures this puzzle out soon. Poor buddy. 😟

And now, because Mommy doesn’t want to end on a sad note, here’s a gratuitous photo. Mommy’s friend, Scott, captioned this. Cuteness factor:10!

Cut… paste

TGIF   1 comment

It’s Friday! Who’s ready for the weekend?! Rocky and Selena that’s who!

Today’s WTF moment brought to you by… Mommy logged off her computer. 


Ahhhhhhh   5 comments

It’s the first day of summer here and we are definitely feeling it! After a medium-length walk, Selena immediately laid down on the cooling pad. I’m so glad to see someone use it. Miss D was afraid of it, of course. Poor Miss D. Miss you, baby. 

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Squirrel!   4 comments

They stayed like this for 5 minutes waiting for that nasty squirrel to come back

Caption This   3 comments

This is how Rocky and Selena eat ice cream

My Pink Lady   6 comments

Selena is rockin’ her pink sunglasses today. Warm and sunny, Spring is coming!

What do you think? Is she a Rizzo or a Frenchie?

I’m not a Frenchie, I’m a Schnauzer!


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We’re ready for our closeup    5 comments






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