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Mommy spent the better part of an hour last night in this

Was: crabgrass choked, nettles infested, out of control growth of mint. 

Now: clean slate

But we can’t afford any major garden undertakings this year, and Mommy *really hates* gardening and yard work in general. So what to do?

If left like this it will simply revert to that crabgrass choked, nettle infested, overgrown bed of mint. Don’t want to poison the soil to keep that from happening either bc maybe next year we could afford to have our landscaper replace with something nice. Also will have to be easy to maintain because our yardcare company doesn’t do “beds” just lawn, leaves, mulch and one-time jobs. And because,again, Mommy seriously hates yard work. 

And she had 7 red, itchy bug bites last night as a reminder of how much she hates it. (Gone now though. Baking soda and water: bestest cheapest anti-itch anti-bite paste in the world. Just saying)

Anyhoo… back to that photo

What to do? Should we just get some of that gardeners mats to prevent weeds (what is that stuff called?) and some mulch and call it a day?
Edit mid-afternoon: well, here we are halfway through. Seriously, this is turning into an Easy-level DIY fail. Anyway, almost 75 sq ft of “weed barrier” (how could I forget such an obvious name?) and two bags oof mulch. Bags said they’d cover ~10 sq ft area to about an inch deep. Obviously two bags were not enough. I’ll go back for more later. Right now I’m hot, I’m sweaty, I’m frustrated with the lack of customer service at Lowe’s garden center and it’s going to rain anyway.

I covered the edges of the fabric and put my other garden fail, the I-don’t-know-what-those-wild flowers-are-but-the-spring-daffodils-are-pretty plant box in the middle to sort of hold it down until I’m ready to brave the garden center again.
Seriously, my lawn guys must shrug their shoulders and laugh to themselves at my half-hearted attempts.

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7 responses to “Saturday projects 

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  1. I’d go for the gardener’s mat (whatever that is) or black plastic and some gathered rocks to hold it in place. Ugly, but it would do the trick.

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  2. I’m with your Mom on finding the cheapest way to do things in the yard, since I, too, have to do them myself. I would recommend the weed barrier/weed guard fabric. It’s about $20 a roll. Then, if she can swing it, perhaps some edging pavers so mulch doesn’t run into the grass and make it difficult to mow, but definitely some mulch over the barrier. Shop around. I just found that Home Depot was half the price of Ace Hardware on mulch.
    Thanks for the tip on the baking soda. Will that help get rid of poison oak, which I currently have?

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    • Lol. The product is literally called”weed barrier”. Could not for the life of me remember it!

      Baking soda paste does not work with poison ivy/oak/mango. I have had the unfortunate reason to test it. Nor on grass-allergy induced hives. Again, from experience 😫

      Guessing it has something to do with the way these induce the reaction, maybe different than the bug bites?

      But it works great on mosquito bites, sand fleas and chiggers. Leave it on until it dries, wipe off, prolly want to vacuum but baking soda is good for that too!
      Can’t even tell where the bites were.

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  3. For the size of that area I would just get a bag or two of mulch. It is about $3-4 per bag. There are A variety of kinds- colors, chip size etc so pick one you like and dump it on. Do you have a rake? I wouldn’t bother with the no-weed cloth- the area is so small (at least in the photo).


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    • Definitely needed more than two bags of mulch. But my experience at Lowes garden center is never pleasant and today was more of the same. So I spread it around the edges at least and will head back into the fray tomorrow. Probably need 4 more bags to cover thoroughly. (Nearly 75 sq ft there actually, much bigger than I calculated)


  4. Mulch is good – just make sure it is 3 to 4 inches deep or you will get weeds (even with plastic/fabric).

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