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Fiji   2 comments

Well, Mommy and MiniMax made it home safe and sound! It was a looooooong trip home and Mommy is still adjusting to the time difference. She’s been napping in the middle of the afternoon and up till way late at night. She keeps saying she “doesn’t have her <bleep> together this week.”

Anyhoo…  As promised a few pics from Fiji. Better late than never!

Beautiful island, friendly people, and gorgeous weather topped off a trip of a lifetime!

Meanwhile back home…Rocky and Selena loved staying with their Grandpawents but they really missed their fenced backyard. A couple pics from grandpaw 

No wonder Rocky has practically lived outside in the yard this week!

And in other news, Rocky attended his first day at doggie day camp! The attendant said he was shy and timid at first but loosened up and made friends quickly. Rocky is a Good Boy!

Hopefully this will help him be less reactive on leash as he learns the social cues and greeting etiquette at camp. Already this evening he calmly greeted Ruby, a neighbor dog.  Mommy had to keep some distance while they met because Selena was going bonkers. 

Selena might benefit from day camp too, though mommy thinks she’s more interested in attention from the humans than making new doggie friends! Still, we’ll give her a chance soon. First we want Rocky to make friends on his own, without Selena’s influence. He’s a Good Boy. 

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Days 12-15 – Fiji   Leave a comment

We spent the last few days in Fiji. We had glorious weather, spectacular views, and after spending most days around the beach and pool, Mommy feels relaxed, refreshed and ready for the 36 hours of travel ahead. 

But let’s not dwell. We still have 8 hours in Fiji before we have to face the airports. I’ll post some photos of our time here in Fiji when I have access to better WiFi.

Bula! Vi’naka!

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Day 11 – Arrowtown and goodbye dinner   6 comments

Day 11 saw us heading out to Gibbston Winery for a tour and tasting. The Otago region, like the Willamette Valley in Oregon, is known for its Pinot and some Reisling. The dry mountain soil, cool temps and winds make for perfect conditions. Or so I’m told. Mommy doesn’t know much about wine. Mommy also doesn’t care for Pinot. But those in the group who do said they loved the Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Unfortunately for us, Gibbston doesn’t sell overseas. They are truly a New Zealand wine—you have to visit if you want to try it!

After wine, we headed a short way down the road to Arrowtown for a lite lunch and shopping. Arrowtown started in the 1860s after the discovery of gold in the area. In fact, many of the gold rushers here were 49-ers traveling from CA in search of gold. They brought with them the American woods needed to build, like Monterey pine, Digger Fir, and Giant Sequoias. These trees have since taken over, pushing out the native plants and beechwood. Our guide told us that all the beautiful fall foliage we see is “exotic”; that none of the native trees change color or lose their leaves. So you can see in these photos how much the landscape has changed since gold was discovered here.



Downtown Arrowtown

Fall Foliage, Arrowtown


Mommy’s Favorite Shop in Arrowtown, The Stitching Post


In the evening we headed up the Queenstown gondola for our good bye dinner at the Skyline restaurant. The views were spectacular.

Queenstown from above

The next day we said goodbye to roughly half the group who headed home while the rest of us took off for Fiji for 3 glorious days of sun and sand!

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Day 10 – Queenstown    4 comments

On day 10, the tour group got up early and headed toward Millford Sound for a day in Fiordland. Mommy and MiniMax skipped this excursion in favor of a day to explore Queenstown on our own. 

Turns out Mommy got a tad motion sick on the drive from Mt. Cook to Queenstown. She simply didn’t have the stomach for a 3-hour coach ride through mountainous passes followed by a 4-hour cruise in choppy waters followed by another 3-hour coach ride home. Based on comments from the rest of the group when they returned, Mommy made the right decision!


We started the day as any solo day exploring should start: we slept in, skipped the free hotel breakfast buffet, and had real coffee and breakfast at a local coffeehouse downtown. 

Then we made the hilly trek over to visit the Kiwi Birdlife Park. What an adventure! Here’s a couple photos. We saw Kiwi


MiniMax meets a Kiwi

And the living dinosaur, tuatara


MiniMax meets a tuatara

And even a Kea


MiniMx meets a Kea

Ok, ok, you caught us. We did actually see all these creatures and many others, but Kiwi are nocturnal and the others simply didn’t want to pose. So we made do with posties. 

The Kiwi are kept in their own houses where their days and nights have been reversed. Since they are nocturnal, by keeping their houses super dark during the day the birds are awake and active and we humans get to see them. But photos aren’t allowed in the houses. 

Still Mommy thought it was neat to see the Kiwis up and about. They’re funny birds!

The Park officials also put on a nice show, telling visitors about the different species in the park. They’re also part of NZ breeding programs for several endangered species, including the Kiwi. 

After we met all these lovely creatures, Mommy and MiniMax went for a walk around Lake Wakatipu. 


Lake Wakatipu

Then it was time for lunch at Speight’s Ale House 


MiniMax recommends Speight’s Cider

After lunch Mommy was tired from all the walking so we headed back to the hotel for a nap. Before we knew it, the rest were back from Fiordland!

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Tongue-tied Tuesday    3 comments

Bula! Welcome to Fiji

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Day 9 – Middle Earth   5 comments

Day 9 we woke up early to “Journey through Middle Earth.” We had 5 land rovers pick us up at the hotel and headed out on “safari”.


They pointed out different places around the area where Peter Jackson filmed scenes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Then we drove the Arrow river

And even panned for gold!

Sadly, we didn’t find anything so guess Mommy won’t be retiring anytime soon.

Afterward we drove the 7th most dangerous road in the world. Mommy has no photos of that. She was too busy hanging on for dear life!

We ended the day with a ride on Twin Screw Steamship (TSS) Earnslaw across the Wakatipu lake to Walter Peak Farm where we were served a delicious meal and given a demonstration of dogs herding.


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Day 8 – Mt. Cook National Park   4 comments

After spending the evening in Twizel (T-wise-ell) we next boarded the coach and headed into the Mt. Cook National Park. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to visit Yosemite, CA, will recognize the glacial valley. Mommy was struck by the similarities and described it as “Yosemite Valley minus the Sequoias”. We had glorious blue skies to take in the sights. Mt. Cook, or Aoraki as the Maori named it (cloud-piercer), is often obscured by clouds. The gods were smiling on us this day to grant such perfect conditions!


Mt. Sefton on the left, Mt. Cook (Aoraki) on the right

 We also met some of the locals…

And had time for a short walk to Kea Point…

on the path to Kea Point, Aoraki Mt. Cook National Park


We finished the day with a pint and a burger at Queenstown’s famous Ferg Burger in the heart of downtown 

MiniMax enjoys his onion ring while Mommy enjoys her Ferg Burger and pint of Speight’s Ale


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