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It shouldn’t be a surprise to any of our dear readers that Mommy has been tentatively searching for new dogs. Not to replace Miss D, because she’s irreplaceable. But grief is different for everyone and Mommy’s has been all-consuming. It’s too quiet! There’s no friendly face popping up in the window when I come home. I dropped Cheerios on the floor and there was no one there to lick it up! But I helped my friend walk her three scotties a few days ago and that was wonderful!

I’ve been holding back, waiting. I could take home a dog from the local shelter today. What about this one? Or maybe that one? No. “Maybe” means it’s not right. It’s too soon. 

So I closed the computer and wrote my wish list

  1. Schnauzer of course
  2. Not too old but not too young either
  3. A bonded pair, or two individual who are friendly
  4. Not from an abusive situation (Miss D was and it takes a lot of patience to earn trust)
  5. Low maintenance, no special needs

Miss D, you know I love you. But you know you were high maintenance. Fear of loud noises, new objects, strangers, physical disability, cushings, prescriptive diet. I’m ready for some low maintenance doggie loving. 

Remember when I said it’s too soon? Well, when your wish list is personified, dipped in fur and dropped in your lap, you don’t hesitate. You grab it and hold on tight!

So, I’d like you to meet my new roommates: Selena and Rocky. She’s 6, he’s 4, she’s his mom and the Instigator of any Troublemaking. She’s little at 11 pounds. Checkers old things fit her perfectly. He’s a big boy at 19 pounds. Miss Deita’s things fit him. So turns out I already had two of everything!

The three of us are going to get better acquainted.

That’s Selena on the left. Rocky on the right. 


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12 responses to “News!

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  1. Aw, congrats on your new family members! They sure are adorable. I’m sure Miss D would approve ❤ ❤


  2. Yay!!! Things just seem to work out as they should 🙂


  3. Congratulations! This is wonderful news :’)


  4. Can’t wait to meet our new grand dogs! They fit your wishes so closely. I hope their personalities are a good match for you.

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    • Selena is a cuddler, but also the first to start trouble. She has been climbing the furniture like a cat. Remind you of anyone? Rocky is a little stand-offish, and anxious. But it has been a tumultuous week for them both.


  5. I’m so glad you added two fabulous member to your furmily. It’s so wonderful! Welcome Selena and Rocky. Have the bestest christmas in your new furever home!


  6. Congratulations! Having just lost our Elsa, it is still too raw for us. I haven’t removed her picture from our avatar yet. But I know time will heal and we will be on the look out for someone to take the place of the hole in the family. Our Scotties are pretty quiet, So not having Elsa has taken some adjustment. Best of luck to your new kids! They are adorable.


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