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Like mother like son   1 comment

Mommy’s legs are going numb. But they’re just so darn cute. 


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Happy Howlidays!   4 comments

Merry Christmas! So, Selena and Rocky got their first bit of mail! Mommy’s good friends sent us some Loot! LootPets to be exact! Selena got a space-y t-shirt while Rocky got a new collar and a spaceship tag to match.

They also got a “FireFly” food dish, which was perfect timing, because the grandpawents needed a second food dish for when we come visiting. And they also got some freeze-dried beef liver treats. Yummy! Lotsa Loot!

Selena and Rocky also got some new squeaky toys from Mommy’s friends. Yay! They are now their new favorite toys. One is a bear that is filled with knotted rope instead of being filled with polyfiber. Very tough and perfect for two dogs who fight over their toys. Plus Mommy found some tennis balls with squeakers in them. They’re balls and they squeak! Selena’s mind is blown! It’s just so gosh-darn EXCITING!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day visiting the grandpawents. Rocky especially enjoyed the stairs. He’d run up them then bounce down them really fast. And repeat!

It’s been five years since we’ve had a dog who could climb stairs and who wasn’t terrified of them. It was fun to watch and the sound of Rocky racing down the stairs made Mommy smile.

Selena followed him a couple of times, but didn’t seem as enamored by the stairs as Rocky was. Granted, she’s smaller and the stairs were more of a climb for her than they were for Rocky. She did invite herself onto every available lap in the room. Whether the owner of said lap invited her up or not!

We humans also enjoyed playing with the dogs and their new toys, throwing them across the room and watching the two dogs fight over who brings which toy back. Most of the time both dogs brought the same toy back, fighting over it the entire way. So cute! Everyone enjoyed watching these two play.

On Christmas Day, the humans went to see the new Star Wars movie. The dogs stayed at the grandpawents house and only had one minor (though large) accident while we were out. I think Rocky probably panicked and did… well, what panicked dogs do. At least he chose an obvious and open area which was easy to clean and didn’t damage any rugs or carpets.

Now we’re back home and both dogs seem relieved to be somewhere familiar. After about half an hour running around and re-familiarizing themselves with everything (it’s Mommy’s bed! There’s the water bowl! My pillow! The crate! The other water bowl! Yay!) they are now zonked out on the sofa next to Mommy.

On a side note: Interestingly, Rocky was wearing his harness/seat belt when we left the grandpawents place, but was not wearing it when we arrived home. Hmmmmmmmm….. how’d he do that?!

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One week in…   3 comments

I had forgotten what it’s like to have a dog without mobility issues. When I went to pick up these two crazies, I put Selena in the car then went to grab Rocky. Meanwhile, Selena jumped out… I forgot! Miss D hated the car and couldn’t get in or out of the seat on her own. I’d lift her into the seat and she’d scooch her butt into the seat and park there. Nothing could move her.

Rocky sat contentedly in the back seat, with his seatbelt on. Selena wiggled out of her seatbelt early on and spent the entire ride home exploring the car. Under the rear seat, on top of Rocky, straddling the front and back seats, the front passenger seat, whoops! Red Light… under the front passenger seat, back to the rear seat… She wanted to sit in my lap, but I do not drive with a dog in my lap and was having none of that, young lady! Thank you very much. phew! She’s gonna be a handful!

Selena is obsessed with squeaky toys. Rocky enjoys them too, but mostly nudges them with his nose rather than picking them up in his mouth. Except for one. It’s a mushroom. Small. Soft. Squeaky. He really likes that one. Selena likes them all. And she wants them all! Especially whichever one Rocky currently has…

One squeak and I’ve got the attention of both of them, wherever in the house they are! Miss D (and Checkers before her) was never really into toys, except for the remote controlled ones. She didn’t like the squeak. It was a noise and noises are scary! Sometimes she’d play with a couple favorites. She also liked the mushroom. And the hedgehogs. I think it was the wiry “fur” on the hedgehogs she liked. And a crab. She took all the stuffing out of the crab and near the end, she’d simply carry that crab around the house, taking it with her wherever she went.

And BALLS! OMD, Selena LOVES balls! Well, I should say tennis balls, because she has no interest in the smaller rubber ball. Rocky will chase them too, but he mostly does it because Selena is and invariably will let her take it.

Miss D chased a tennis ball once. Then she realized it wasn’t food and lost interest. Forever after, if I threw that ball, she’d just look at it then look at me, as if it say, “Why’d you throw that away? You don’t expect me to get it, do you?”

These two are also more cuddly than Checkers or Deita ever were. Miss D would follow me from room to room, but was content to keep me in her sight. Selena loves to be touched and will often bump your hand with her nose or bury her ears into your chest to get you to pet her. Rocky is less subtle. He simply lies down across your lap or stands on your lap with his front paws on your shoulders and leans in, like a hug. OR, when Selena took the prime spot next to Mommy, Rocky simply climbed onto the back of the sofa and wrapped himself around Mommy’s shoulders, like a really heavy scarf. Every night this week, I have slept in a schnauzer sandwich. One dog on either side bumped up against my body.

One thing these two have in common with Miss D. They are vocal! They love to tell me what’s going on. And once they get going, soon talking turns to singing. I swear, there must be some Beagle in Rocky’s family tree. That boy can HOWL.

In just the last couple of days, they’ve learned “shush!”. I started to use the standard “quiet!” command, but in the heat of the moment I find myself saying “shush!” so “shush!” it became. Oh, well. Whatever works, right? They know “sit”, “stay”, “no”, “down”, “drop it”, “off” and “come”. Though they tend to ignore “come” unless they happen to be coming anyway.

Selena reacts to other dogs the way Miss D did. Not to the same extent, and it’s much easier to distract her and get her to refocus on whatever it was we were doing before the dog distracted her. Rocky reacts vocally, but he doesn’t have the same intensity nor the snarl/lunge thing. I plan to call a trainer later this month and nip this thing in the bud before it reaches Miss D levels.

Today, I took each dog on a separate walk through the neighborhood to see how they do on their own. They seem to know the basics of “heel” but Rocky is a puller and Selena wants to wander. Too bad I’m not running anymore. I think Rocky would enjoy it. He wants to go at a pretty fast clip. Poor Selena. When I walk them both together, Rocky is constantly pulling to go faster, and Selena is running on her little legs trying to keep up. I think they both enjoyed their one-on-one time with Mommy today.

A few photos from our first week together.

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News!   12 comments

It shouldn’t be a surprise to any of our dear readers that Mommy has been tentatively searching for new dogs. Not to replace Miss D, because she’s irreplaceable. But grief is different for everyone and Mommy’s has been all-consuming. It’s too quiet! There’s no friendly face popping up in the window when I come home. I dropped Cheerios on the floor and there was no one there to lick it up! But I helped my friend walk her three scotties a few days ago and that was wonderful!

I’ve been holding back, waiting. I could take home a dog from the local shelter today. What about this one? Or maybe that one? No. “Maybe” means it’s not right. It’s too soon. 

So I closed the computer and wrote my wish list

  1. Schnauzer of course
  2. Not too old but not too young either
  3. A bonded pair, or two individual who are friendly
  4. Not from an abusive situation (Miss D was and it takes a lot of patience to earn trust)
  5. Low maintenance, no special needs

Miss D, you know I love you. But you know you were high maintenance. Fear of loud noises, new objects, strangers, physical disability, cushings, prescriptive diet. I’m ready for some low maintenance doggie loving. 

Remember when I said it’s too soon? Well, when your wish list is personified, dipped in fur and dropped in your lap, you don’t hesitate. You grab it and hold on tight!

So, I’d like you to meet my new roommates: Selena and Rocky. She’s 6, he’s 4, she’s his mom and the Instigator of any Troublemaking. She’s little at 11 pounds. Checkers old things fit her perfectly. He’s a big boy at 19 pounds. Miss Deita’s things fit him. So turns out I already had two of everything!

The three of us are going to get better acquainted.

That’s Selena on the left. Rocky on the right. 


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