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Mommy has been moving and packing up things and the house looks so empty. Miss D was very worried. Then Mommy dropped Miss D off last Friday to spend some time with my granpawents. What’s going on?!

New Floors! Mommy scrapped that soft and lovely old and nasty carpet for hard wood.


I can’t keep my feet under me and keep sliding and landing on my bum. So Mommy put on these wonderful humiliating non-slip booties while I familiarize myself with the new space. When I went outside this morning I let Mommy know how I feel by leaving muddy paw prints everywhere. But Mommy just got out a dry mop and wiped them all up! I think she was even whistling! Humph.


Ahhhhhhhh. Maybe I should give this new surface a chance. Sunny and cool. A dog could get used to this.

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9 responses to “New Things

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  1. Sometimes they literally pull the rug out from under your feet. It happened here too. Fortunately I have flat feet like a duck and I don’t slip on the floor. Give it a try, Miss D, floors without carpets are much better to leave paw prints (even when they try to remove it immediately).


  2. The rug is perfect! And, it is one non-slippery area for Ms. D. I think you are going to love this change.


  3. I think those little “slippers” you have on are very cute BUT I suppose they might feel a bit weird at first…..but once you get used to the slippery floors I think you’ll LOVE them!!!

    Hugs, Sam


  4. I could never wear slippers. You look cute in them!


  5. You sure look like you’re settling in:-)


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