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Spring is here   4 comments

Spring is here! The storm clouds left for a few days and gave us a beautiful, warm and sunny weekend. But Mommy wants to stay locked in the house. Something about pollen alerts, high pollen counts, allergies or something.

However, this morning was so wonderful, that despite it all, Mommy agreed to join Miss D on a walk. YAY! Looks like we weren’t the only ones enticed outdoors; the entire neighborhood was out and about. There were so many dogs, and joggers, and dogs, and cyclists, and dogs, and strollers! … and dogs.

We usually walk to 5 trash cans, or as Mommy calls it, 1 mile round trip. But today we didn’t make it much past the 4th trash can. Miss D was so excited and hot that I decided to simply sit down and refused to budge. At first Mommy was concerned I may have caused myself an injury. But no. I was just hot. So we turned around and headed back. The returning trip took much longer than the first as we drank some water, meandered along, sitting in the shade every now and then.

Then we got home and I got TWO ICE CUBES! Woohoo! Now Mommy is in the kitchen baking up some dried fruit muffins for the week and trying a new recipe for chocolate-coconut cupcakes. Smells divine!


Easter   8 comments

Happy Belated Easter! We went on a trip to the beach for the holiday weekend with family. While the weather did not cooperate, we still found some time to have fun. Here’s Miss D at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

Cap Hatteras

Cape Hatteras

and here we are at the Kitty Hawk First in Flight museum

Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk

and one more at the Currituck Lighthouse in Corolla.

Currituck Lighthouse

Currituck Lighthouse

What’s that, you say? They all look the same? That’s because dogs aren’t allowed inside. Miss D slept in the car. It was cold and rainy and extra windy, so we spent most of our time in the car.

Miss D and Mommy did actually walk along the beach at least once each day, but it was unpleasant for everyone. Too cold and windy. We had hoped to stop at the Jockey Ridge dunes, but maybe next time. Mommy says the First in Flight Museum was pretty cool. They have replicas of The Plane that Orville and Wilbur Wright built and flew. Mommy says, “No way I’d ever try to fly that thing!”

Poster Child   5 comments

Mommy here… we had a follow-up visit with Vet today, after 4 weeks on antibiotics. Miss D got to get cuddles from her favorite vet tech, Angela.

Angela swears that Miss D loves to be carried like a baby with her paws in the air and her pot-belly pointing toward the sky. Seeing Angela carrying Miss D, I would have to agree that Miss D was enjoying herself. Miss D’s favorite sleeping position is on her back with her paws in the air, so Mommy postulates these positions may be easier on her spine. However, we have been unable to replicate the “carried like a baby” phenomenon away from Vet. Perhaps it is an “Auntie Angela” thing with Miss D.

Soooo comfy. Efurryone should sleep this way!

Soooo comfy. Efurryone should sleep this way!

Vet is pleased with Miss D’s progress. Miss D is looking more alert and active and is tolerating the new low-fat diet well. Vet even says Miss D’s spleen feels smaller, so perhaps it was more a reaction to the UTI than to Cushing’s. Even so, we decided to continue the antibiotics for another 14 days and follow-up again in 3 weeks to be sure we killed all the buggers.

Meanwhile… we have decided to delay treatment for the Cushing’s until at least after the Easter holiday. Mommy is worried that the stress of the upcoming holiday would obscure Miss D’s baseline reactions to the treatment. The baseline is important as we need to monitor Miss D’s eating and drinking and energy for adverse reactions to the medication. Plus we still haven’t fully transitioned to the new low-fat food. Another week ought to do the trick. So… we’ll wait another 10 days before starting Miss D on Vetoryl capsules.

And life goes on… we haven’t had a training update in awhile. Mostly because training has continued on the plateau. We’ve had a small setback in recent weeks, due to Miss D’s back pain and subsequent irritability. I’d be irritable too if my back hurt! Now that Spring has sprung and the days are grower longer, our nightly patrol has become more of a pre-dusk patrol. We’re encountering more joggers and more dog walkers now which provides more opportunity for training.

Miss D will never be the poster child for rescued animals and she’ll never win Family Dog of the Year. But she’s learned a few calming techniques that have made our patrols more pleasant for everyone. Unless the passing dog is that rowdy Newfoundland puppy (puppy! it’s almost as tall as Mommy!). Or our friends, the Scottie trio. Or Gus, the Westie. Or the standard schnauzer down the street… Well, I did say training has plateaued. What did you expect? 🙂

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