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Final Piece of the Puzzle   5 comments


Vet called this morning and we have the final piece of the puzzle. Miss D has been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease (or hyperadrenocorticism, for you fancy folks!) and with high triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia). What does this mean?

Both these diseases are serious, but both are also treatable. Miss D will be starting a new, prescription, low-fat diet for her cholesterol. This food is prescription-only, so Mommy can’t just drop by the local market to pick some up. Thank goodness for the internet! Vet can get it through her vendor, but Mommy found another vendor online that offers free shipping, discounts for regularly scheduled purchases (like food!), and the overall price is just plain cheaper. So Mommy needs to talk with Vet about switching to Mommy’s preferred vendor. Easy peasy.

Miss D has the pituitary-related form of Cushing’s, meaning she has a benign growth on her pituitary gland that is making her body produce too much cortisol. This can be treated with medication. The initial costs are not cheap. We have to figure out the right dosage for Miss D which involves close watching for symptoms of overdose and several tests in the first months until we find a stable dose. BUT once we do stabilize, the tests can be performed less often.

Mommy’s research of the medication found that the hooman tablets are not cheap. BUT, the doses are ridiculously high for Miss D, even if she is a little chubby for her size. So Vet will likely recommend a “compounded” generic form, which would be provided at a more reasonable dose level for Miss D. As a generic, the compounded version is already much cheaper, and at these lower doses, cheaper still. So Mommy is breathing a little easier about that.

So Miss D can still live a long, healthy, happy life with a few small changes. And Miss D is going to start feeling a whole lot better soon.

Happy Puppy Day!   4 comments

Here in the US, today is National Puppy Day. A day to celebrate the bond between dogs and our hoomans. Miss D and Mommy didn’t meet until Miss D was six, so Mommy has no puppy pics. But here’s one from our first days together. Look at all my bootiful curls!


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Sleepy Saturday   2 comments

Today is the first hint of Spring. It is sunny and warm and dry. Tomorrow we go back to rainy and cold winter, boo! So Miss D is soaking up the sunshine now, banking against a rainy day!!


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The latest   2 comments

20140313-225301.jpgExtreme Close up

Miss D wants to let her faithful readers that she has begun to feel better. We have confirmed another piece of this tricky puzzle. Bladder infection is confirmed. So in addition to 2-4 weeks bed rest for the back pain to heal, we’ll be taking strong antibiotics twice a day for at least 4 weeks, maybe longer pending another test after 28 days are up.

We still need to confirm the Cushing’s diagnosis, but will postpone that test until Miss D has a chance to recover a little from all the stress of the last week.

Miss D is a little depressed, seeing as how mommy has banished her from her favorite chair (no jumping!) and forbidden seeing the neighbors (no running!). We tried a short walk, one block, on leash. But of course we ran into neighbors walking their dogs, which set Miss D off. That was an epic failure and ended with Miss D taking her pain medication an hour earlier than vet recommended. So no more walks.

Life has suddenly become quite boring, and Miss D’s world has shrunk, for the time being. But we’re on the mend!

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Morning update   8 comments

Miss D here. Mommy gave me some yummy bread stuffed with pain meds and I’m feeling fine. Much less stressed.

It’s a sunny day and almost not chilly and the grass is drying out, so I’ve been playing indoor/outdoor. Mommy just loves that game 😉

And now I’m gonna nap for a bit. Suddenly I’m very sleepy. What was in that bread?


You can see my shaved belly where they did an ultrasound of things inside my tummy!

Blues Update   3 comments

Mommy here…

Miss D developed an uncontrollable tremor and excessive panting this evening. Ran her over to Vet immediately. Vet determined that Miss D’s previous back injuries were exacerbated by all the goings on. So tremors and panting are definitely due to pain along with excess cortisol running through her veins with the now probable Cushing’s diagnosis and even more probable “silent” bladder infection (showing no symptoms and then suddenly Wham!).

Poor Miss D! It’s all just snow balled this week. Wham! Mommy is a little overwhelmed this evening.

But…We’re home again now, high as a kite, warm and cozy in bed.

Miss D is on strict bed/crate rest for the next 2-4 weeks, to heal her back. Short, leashed excursions to pee, no jumping on furniture or excitement around other animals… Or people… lawn signs… orange cones… wind… This ought to be interesting

Winter Weather Blues   3 comments

Hello and Happy Friday All!

aren't I adorable?

aren’t I adorable?

Miss D has been feeling blah lately and too tired to write. Mommy said it’s the winter weather blues because of all the snow and sleet and ice and freezing rain and regular rain and just plain cold days we’ve had this year. But last weekend, granpaw compared Miss D to a pot-bellied pig (!)

So mommy thought it might be more and we went to see Vet. Miss D was poked and prodded and palpated and every other indignity known to dogdom! And after all that prodding, the tests were inconclusive. Humph.

Apparently, my behavior belies my appearance, which contradicts the blood chemistry panels. And the abdominal ultrasound contradicts everything!

Vet believes Miss D might have Cushing’s disease, which is when my little body produces too much cortisol. The first symptom: pot belly! And we schnauzers are prone to this disease, especially older girls like me.

But all the lab results disagree with this diagnosis so we’ll probably do one more test next week to definitively rule it out. We’re still waiting on results from a couple tests and Mommy believes Miss D probably has an antibiotic-resistant infection of some sort. Possibly in addition to the Cushing’s.

Meanwhile, I’m getting extra loving and yogurt treats to help settle my tummy. yay 🙂

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