Owie!   6 comments

It finally happened. Miss D’s insistence on running the fence line with the big dogs has come back to bite her in the paw. Literally.

Honestly I don’t know what exactly happened. She was in the yard alone. I was inside and heard the usual excitement and horseplay. Then came the high-pitched squeal every dog owner dreads. I ran outside and… No Miss D. Big dog barking at me excitedly, but no Miss D. I call her name and hear her tags jingle from the other side of the yard. Confused, I call her to me again, and when she comes, I pick her up and carry her inside. She seems fine, not limping, not bleeding, but she is licking her front paw. Sure enough, she’s got a small puncture at the base of her claw. Like if you or I had gotten a thorn stuck between our toes.

Poor Miss D. I don’t know how she did it. My best guess is a paw under the fence was caught by another in a quick swipe. It doesn’t appear serious, nor painful enough to warrant a visit to Vet, but it is clearly worrisome. Like a ripped toenail. She let me clean it without a fuss and is now sleeping peacefully.

So… Do I need to do more? If I ripped a nail, I’d cushion it. But we all know dogs. Pain lessened equates to the Cone of Shame. Which is worse?

6 responses to “Owie!

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  1. Poor Deita!


  2. Maybe it’ll teach her to keep some distance from the fence.


  3. Oh Poor Miss D 😦


  4. Oh that sounds bad. Please give Miss D. a hug from me. Hope it heals quickly and she has no pain.


    • Thanks, Easy! Miss D is a consummate actress and had me believing it was bad. But as soon as I stopped looking, there she was running the fence, jumping on and digging with her injured paw. This morning I would compare it to a child’s scraped knee, ugly but superficial


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