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Happy Howl-een   4 comments

Today’s WTF moment provided by… Howl-een

So, those of you who live in the USA know that things can get a little crazy around Halloween. Not wanting to be the only grinch on the block, I bought a few pumpkins and winter squash of various sizes and colors to “decorate” my mailbox area. Apparently, this is the sign in our neighborhood that candy is available to trick-or-treaters here. Whatever.

I arranged my “Autumnal Decor” beneath the mailbox and promptly forgot about it. Until…

It being a lovely, sunny day, Miss D and I decided to do our neighborhood patrol a little early, before the sun sets for once. Well, those of you who know us well have likely already guessed. Miss D went <bleeping> crazy when she saw those pumpkins.

“These things weren’t here yesterday.”

“WHAT. ARE. THEY??? HOW?? WHY?????”

“OMG, we’re all gonna DIE!!!”

and so on. When we returned from our walk, she refused to enter the driveway. We had to scoot around the pumpkins and enter from the other side.

It’s just a couple of winter vegetables. I didn’t even carve scary jack o’lantern faces in them. WTF, Miss D.


Baby Steps   4 comments

Miss D has made some great strides in the past few weeks. We no longer cross the street when other dogs cross our path. Mostly. We still cross when the man with his four pit bulls comes, but that’s mostly because Mommy is terrified of them.

For those who have been with us since the beginning, you know what a struggle we’ve had with our leash training. Staying on the same side of the street is a milestone I never thought we’d see. Maybe Miss D has finally started to mellow at the ripe ol’ age of 11.

She’s still crazy. If you crossed our path in the hopes of starting up a conversation with Mommy or striking an instant friendship with D, you’d be sorely disappointed. But she’s not wild-ass crazy and if both parties continue on our different ways, Miss D quickly calms down and finds something else about which to obsess.

So we’re not there yet. But we’re getting there. Baby steps.

Owie!   6 comments

It finally happened. Miss D’s insistence on running the fence line with the big dogs has come back to bite her in the paw. Literally.

Honestly I don’t know what exactly happened. She was in the yard alone. I was inside and heard the usual excitement and horseplay. Then came the high-pitched squeal every dog owner dreads. I ran outside and… No Miss D. Big dog barking at me excitedly, but no Miss D. I call her name and hear her tags jingle from the other side of the yard. Confused, I call her to me again, and when she comes, I pick her up and carry her inside. She seems fine, not limping, not bleeding, but she is licking her front paw. Sure enough, she’s got a small puncture at the base of her claw. Like if you or I had gotten a thorn stuck between our toes.

Poor Miss D. I don’t know how she did it. My best guess is a paw under the fence was caught by another in a quick swipe. It doesn’t appear serious, nor painful enough to warrant a visit to Vet, but it is clearly worrisome. Like a ripped toenail. She let me clean it without a fuss and is now sleeping peacefully.

So… Do I need to do more? If I ripped a nail, I’d cushion it. But we all know dogs. Pain lessened equates to the Cone of Shame. Which is worse?

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