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Irony?   6 comments



Does anyone else find it disturbing that Miss D’s favorite toy right now is my schnauzer slipper? A schnauzer ripping the head off of another schnauzer? Or simply ironic…

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Miss D “helped” M’Unique and mommy with our Christmas decorating. Here’s M’Unique’s post:

Mary A Ritter, Artist ~ Storyteller

Taking some time away from the Loft Studio to enjoy holiday activities… here’s my number one helper when it comes to decorating the annual gingerbread house.  Ms D.. as we call her is my daughter’s darling schnauzer.  She just wants to help eat some of the sweet stuff.  We also made some Christmas mice to bring some joy into the house.   Check out “Off the Wall Fridays” to see what others are doing…  Merry Christmas!


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Happy Foster-versary!   5 comments

Two years ago, today, Miss Deita entered my life and nothing’s been the same since! We’ve both made some big strides since that day, but I am especially proud of Miss D’s behavior changes on leashed walks and in the backyard.

She easily ignores the crazy barking dogs behind fences on our walks now. Two years ago, she’d rush the fence and bark right back.

In the yard, she’d also rush the fence and bark her head off and completely ignore my efforts at training or getting her attention. I’d have to catch her by the collar and drag her away. She still enjoys running the fence and barking her head off, but now I can stand at the door, out of sight, clap my hands, yell “Deita, Come!” and she does!

When we invited guests over, she’d growl and bark and cower practically non-stop. After everyone settled into chairs, she’d eventually settle down, but would immediately growl and bark again if anybody stood up. It was as if, as long as no one moved, she forgot they were here!

Now, she still makes a big fuss when people arrive, but once settled down, she’s settled down. My friends are free to move about the room, stand up, enter other rooms freely, and even leave without causing our eardrums to bleed from the noise of Miss D’s barks.

When she first arrived, she was a food hound! She’d start eating out of the bowl before it hit the ground. But she’s a fast learner. The first thing we worked on in training was to sit and wait for the food bowl to be set down and for mom to say “OK” before rushing and inhaling our meals. Now food might sit in the bowl all day, ignored until Miss D is hungry.

We’d had plenty of WTF moments together, but it is all worth it. Happy Foster-versary, Miss D!

Miss D? What are you eating? Hey! That’s my grocery list! Get back here! Miss Deeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

What IS this?   3 comments

Today’s WTF moment provided by … meet & greet.


Miss D and I were out for a typical daytime neighborhood patrol when we ran across Nerf (names changed to protect the innocent). Nerf is a 7-month old border collie mix and full of exuberant energy. He’s clearly well socialized, quite friendly, and gave all the social cues of a dog just wanting a peaceful mutual sniff. Here’s where the WTF comes in.

I sometimes feel guilty limiting Miss D’s contact with other dogs. In the yard, her fence running definitely seems like play. She was clearly sad when Ruby was gone for a month while her folks were on vacation. And she was clearly excited when Ruby returned.

At a distance, her reaction in these encounters looks like pure excitement. Or maybe Alert would be a better word. Stiff and upright, ears standing, pointing straight ahead. Quivering all over like a dog waiting for a ball to be thrown.

But as they get closer, it starts to look more like fear (barking in a crouch, ears back, backing away) or aggression (lurching forward, ears up, tail fur raised, snarling and barking).

This time the encounter happened too quickly for us to avoid or create distance. Miss D was excited but it didn’t look like anything more than that so I gave her some leash and the dogs sniffed. Miss D quieted down immediately and all seemed friendly until out of nowhere she snarls, snaps, and lunges for Nerf’s throat. Luckily she’s too short to reach it. There was then some mutual swatting of the front paws and I pulled her out of reach. All of this in a matter of seconds.

Once out of reach, Nerf once again became the happy-go-lucky puppy looking for a friendly sniff. His owner and he cross the street and continued on their way. Miss D and I stayed where we were until she once again exhibited signs of calm. She shook herself (literally shaking off the encounter) and started sniffing the ground, ignoring the disappearing Nerf.

So… WTF is this? I’ve never lived in a multi-dog household. Is this typical greeting behavior? Is it meant to be playful? Nerf certainly seemed friendly throughout. Am I wrong to interpret this as aggression? I don’t know. We need a dog whisperer over here.

Santa Paws is here!   2 comments




He exists! We ran into Santa Paws while touring the NC Conservator’s Center. I made sure Santa got Miss D’s Christmas list and then we toured the facility. We got to hear the arctic wolves howl, the tigers and lions chuff, and the singing dogs… well, sing. And Arthur Tiger preened and pranced and stood on his hind legs for us!

It was sooooooo cool!

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Tonight’s Conundrum   4 comments


How to reach the knitting basket without disturbing the dog sleeping by my side?

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‘Tis the Season…   8 comments

…for bringing the outdoors in! Miss D got a haircut today and is looking spiffy in her new pink and white checked bandana. She’s exploring the Christmas tree and I can imagine what she’s thinking, “Mom brought a tree inside! A tree of my very own! But she put a blanket under it, so I guess I’m not supposed to pee on it. Maybe I can sleep under it instead!”


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