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Is it me?   4 comments


WTF? Is it me? That doesn’t look at all comfortable. Yet, she’s snoring. Dogs are weird.


Woof!   4 comments

OK, it’s been awhile since I’ve written. I apologize to anyone feeling Miss D withdrawals. We just haven’t had any WTF moments recently! Honest!

I wrenched my back so we haven’t been walking as often nor as far. I’ve also traveled with some fiber friends to the mountains of North Carolina to knit, felt, shop, eat, and generally have a good time away. The leaves are at their peak for fall color, the weather is sunny and unusually warm, I’ve got my knitting in hand and I’m surrounded by beautifully hand-dyed silks and wools. Simply lovely!

Miss D stayed with her grandpa back home. From the email updates, it sounds like Miss D is none too happy about that. But as Miss D is a bit more shy around my dad than the rest of our family, I think some one-on-one bonding is just what the doctor ordered. Besides, he’s taken to carrying a pocketful of dog treats. The way to Miss D’s heart is through her stomach!

I imagine her sitting by the front door, staring out the window, and pouting. “No fair! Mommy better bring back a present!”

Although, given the recent spate of humiliating doggie coats and costumes, perhaps Miss D is hoping I don’t bring anything else home…

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Revenge will be Mine!   10 comments

I had a lot of fun this morning, traipsing in and out of the house, tracking muddy footprints, grass clippings and pine needles throughout! HaHA! Take that, human!

But then Mommy went to the craft store and came home with this!

The humiliation! As soon as I get this thing off, you’re gonna be in so much trouble, Mommy.

SchnOctoberFest 2012!!!   11 comments

This weekend was the first weekend in October, which means only one thing in our house – SchnOctoberFest!!!

SchnOctoberFest 2012!!
– photo by Norm Ritter

It’s the biggest fundraiser of the year for North Carolina Schnauzer Rescue (NCSR) and a great chance to catch up with the nearly 400 rescued miniature schnauzers and their adoptive furever families.

This is Miss D’s 2nd SchnOctoberFest. Last year we caught up with her first foster parents, but we didn’t stay long because Miss D was overstimulated from the moment we got out of the car and became more and more excited the longer we hung around.

This year, there were plenty of well-balanced and well-socialized dogs in attendance. There were also quite a few nutters in the crowd. Miss D and I fit right in! 🙂

Wait. Did my mom just call me a Nutter Butter?
– photo by Norm Ritter

We attended with friends and family. My dad came along and took all of the fabulous photos seen here. My friend (and Miss D’s auntie), Kim, brought her dog Nutley. Miss D was on her best behavior. Don’t kid yourself, she was still overstimulated. Auntie Kim called her “Bobble-Head Deita.”

But there were only a couple of little dust-ups; well within the norm, if the scuffles I heard around the park are any indication. Considering she was never more than 10 feet away from at least one dog, often several, she did her mom proud.

We all had a grand ol’ time.

Grand ol’ time
– photo by Norm Ritter

Nutley entered the cookie toss contest and ran away with first place! 16 cookies caught! He spent the rest of the day enjoying his prize—another woobie (tennis ball). Nutley loves his woobies!


Toss me another cookie! I’m ready!
– photo by Norm Ritter

We tested our luck in the raffle. Look at all the cool prizes! Baskets and gifts were all donated by local business, supporters, and members of NCSR. AWESOME!!

– photo by Norm Ritter

– photo by Norm Ritter

Miss D and I didn’t win, but Auntie Kim won a great basket full of plush toys and crunchy treats. Some of them might even last more than 5 minutes at Nutley’s house 🙂

We caught up with our foster siblings

– photo by Norm Ritter

and we had cake! Miss D loves CAKE! Cake cake cake cake! Special DOGGIE CAKE! PUPCAKES! And the most adorable cupcakes we’ve ever seen.

– cake provided by Valerie Pallato
– photo by Norm Ritter 

Schnauzer Cupcakes! How cute is that?
– cupcakes by Kool Kakes
– photo by Norm Ritter

Tasty too! All baked and decorated with love by Kool Kakes from Rockingham, NC.

YUMMMM so good!!!

Thanks to all who donated and a special shout out to those who put together this fabulous shindig! Clearly, we had a wonderful time

zzzzz… pupcakes… zzz… shark… zzz…

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