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Telecommute Thursday   1 comment

Man, Deita gets all the fun!

Enjoying the sun while Mom works

Wordless Wednesday   Leave a comment

Training is exhausting!

Dentastick   4 comments

Today’s WTF moment provided by special treats.

Weirdest thing. When Miss D gets a special treat, like a milkbone, or in this case, a dentastick, she gobbles it down right away. Unless, of course, she has the option to take it outside. Then she grabs it and runs outside, rain or shine, and eats it out there. After, of course, the requisite running around like a crazy dog with a treat in her mouth!

WTF? What’s that about? Who’s chasing you, D? You hated the rain a minute ago, does eating your treat outrank that?

Munching away on my dentastick in the rain and mud.

So Hot It’s Sizzling!   9 comments

King Simba nominated us for an award! Thank you!

The rules for the award are to share 8 unusual things about yourself or your pet and pass the award along to other bloggers.

8 Unusual things about Miss D

1. Miss D loves to sleep on her back with all four feet in the air.

2. Miss D walks like a drunken fool. She’s got a funny gait and doesn’t quite know where her feet will land. But don’t feel sorry for the pup because it certainly doesn’t slow her down!

3. Miss D’s favorite snack? Flies. gross!

4. Miss D’s favorite toy? A small “blankie” I knit for her with remnants of some angora yarn from my knitting stash. She’s OBSESSED with it.

5. Best training treat so far: cheerios! gluten-free, made with oats, small, and low calorie. Oh, and Miss D will do anything for one đŸ™‚

6. Miss D insists on pushing her food bowl over with her nose before eating. What’s that about?

7. She loves playing with her treat ball and loves the treats inside. … just her regular kibble (Shh! don’t tell her!)

8. Her favorite sleeping place is under my bed. Why? No idea.

These blogs are on FIRE!! King Simba and I follow so many of the same blogs, passing this award on to some of my other favorites.

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Telecommute Thursday   1 comment

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Am I in your way?   1 comment



Well, I was going to block and shape a newly finished shawl here, but Miss D had other ideas.

King Simba kindly gave me an award, but I hope he can forgive me if I hold off on my thank you post for a few more days. See, as it turns out, that toothache has become a never-ending dental saga. The words “root canal” were bandied about today. I simply can’t bring myself to focus on anything else right now. đŸ˜¦

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Rainy Day   8 comments


Mom’s got a toothache, it’s raining, the backyard is a pond; it’s the perfect day for curling up on the couch and doing nothing. You know, typical Sunday.

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