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Stop helping!   7 comments


Miss D decided to help me skein some yarn for dyeing.

Miss D gets a haircut   3 comments

Miss D’s groomer moved to Chicago last week, canceling all future appointments. So we’ve been scrambling to find a new one. New groomer came yesterday to give Miss D her summer ‘do. With temps in the 100s (F) and heat index around 115 this weekend, she is feeling good!

Success!   1 comment

My friend, Heather, and her three Scotties live 2 streets down. Thursday, Miss D and I stopped by Heather’s place at the end of our walk and asked if Nettie could come out to play. So Heather strapped on Nettie’s harness and leash and they joined us for the last few blocks of our walk.

Now this is something I would never have asked a year ago. And the last time we met up with Heather and her Scotties, we had to walk 10 steps behind them; Miss D was so excited. But Nettie is the calmest, most easy-going Scottie you would ever meet. When greeting Miss D, she instinctively lies down and moves slowly so as not to startle. There’s the occasional moments of forgetfulness, when Nettie jumps up on me or moves too suddenly. Miss D did still react when that happened but it wasn’t the knock-down drag-out fight this time and I was able to put some distance between the two dogs and calm Miss D down quickly.

But I say, “Success!” because Heather and I were talking the whole time. We didn’t have to yell over the barks of our dogs. For the most part, we were able to walk side-by-side, people on the inside, dogs on the outside. With the occasional stop for mutual sniffing. It was only a couple of blocks; maybe 5 minutes, 10 minutes tops. But it was wonderful.

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Treat balls and turtles   Leave a comment

On an entirely different subject…

Agent T is back! Agent T is the name I’ve given to the tiny tortoise/turtle who occasionally visits and suns himself on my patio.

His first visit with Miss D was supervised. Miss D was going crazy watching Agent T through the glass of the back door, so I let her come out for a short meet and greet. The second visit was unsupervised, but seemed to go ok. Both survived, at any rate.

Based on the aftermath, this last visit was not so friendly. Agent T was on his back and hidden so deep inside his shell I wondered if the shell was empty. I quickly brought Miss D back inside and took Agent T to the safety of the front yard. I even set him down next to my morning glories in case he wanted a snack. He hadn’t moved by the time I left for work but he was gone when I returned at the end of the day, so at least I know he survived. If only Agent T had checked in with me before settling down on the patio, like I requested…

In retrospect, training Miss D to play with treat balls is probably not condusive to friendly dog-turtle relations. I started using treat balls so that Miss D would be forced to take her time eating her food and she’d be less bored during the day while I’m at work. So now she’s learned that if she nudges, paws, rolls, shakes, drops, or licks the openings of fun, round objects, food will come out … Poor Agent T.

not again   1 comment

Today’s WTF moment provided by … beds and pillows. Why, oh why, does Miss D insist on crawling under my bed? There are several more comfortable “den” possibilities in the house. Of which none make me wonder if the frame will hold or if today is the day the perfectly sound bed frame collapses and crushes my puppy.

The other day, I heard a strange noise in my bedroom, never a good sign where Miss D is concerned. But this time, Miss D was nowhere to be found. I called and called but nary a jingle of tags in response. Finally, I got down on my hands and knees and lifted up the dust ruffle. Sure enough, there was Miss D. This time she’d also managed to drag half her bed pillow under with her.

And there’s the rub! She was stuck between the extra leaves for the dining table and her pillow. The noise I heard was the sound of her claws scraping the carpet in her efforts to dislodge. Miss D! WTF?

ouch   2 comments

So I was on my way to the kitchen to feed Miss D when said monster bowled me over in her mad rush to bark at the neighbor’s dog. In my efforts to not land on top of her, I strained an already wrenched back muscle. The computer was closer than the phone, so I posted a couple of distress messages, much to my friends’ amusement (ever notice how pain is more bearable when you find the humor in it?).

Miss D didn’t even notice. She was still outside running the fence line and barking her head off. When she had enough, she simply collapsed where she was, frog-legged out, tongue lolling to the side, big stupid grin on her face. Feel the love.

On the bright side, all that fence-running left Miss D too exhausted to notice that I skipped our evening walk in favor of a couple of muscle relaxants and bed.

Wipe Your Paws   3 comments

Today’s WTF moment provided by … home improvements.

My parents recently closed on a new home! Helping them move and get organized has sent me on a quest to spruce things up around my own home. So I headed over to Target for some new towels and bath mats, etc., including some new things for the front porch. Yay! It never even occurred to me to ask Miss D for her opinion. You’d think dogs didn’t much notice their surroundings, but you’d be wrong. Tonight, getting ready for our “night patrols” around the neighborhood, Miss D refused to cross the threshold. WTF?

It didn’t occur to me until we returned that the front porch looked different and that’s what freaked her out. Note to self: bring iPhone on these excursions. Some things have to be videoed to be believed.

Oh, Miss D. I will love and cherish you. I will provide a safe haven for you to live out your days. I will protect you and keep you safe from many dangers. But inanimate objects? You’re on your own, kid. My back is killing me (did I mention I helped my parents move into a new home?) but it’s a lovely evening, so I pulled up a chair and decided to wait her out. But I underestimated Miss D’s neuroses. She too sat down and refused to enter the porch area. Impasse.

I don’t know how long we sat like that, but eventually Miss D got tired of sitting on cement and made tentative motions toward me, sniffing and cringing every step of the way. I don’t know why she’s so put out, I think it looks nice.

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